Forty Nine Football

Where Strategy and Simulation Combine for a Realistic and Fun Table Top Gaming Experience

September 3, 2020 At this time I am unable to fulfill any complete game orders as I am relocating a business and my life to a new location. I hope to be able to start selling the game again by the end of February 2021. Printed and .pdf seasons are still available. I apologize for this inconvenience, but life sometimes gets in the way of our fun projects.

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Forty Nine Football (49F) is a football board game that combines simulation and strategy which gives you a realistic and fun table top gaming experience.

There are three options for playing 49F;
Quick Play in just over an hour. You either call the Offensive plays, or use Solitaire charts to call the plays, then modify the results using a D20 and the Quick Play Chart which is specific to the game you are playing. Statistical results are very good and each game plays out like a real game. ***note, if you do not have access to Excel, or are not proficient at it, simply email Grant (grant.fines@icloud.com) and he will generate the Quick Play Charts for each game you are playing.
Standard Game (Quick Play +D). First you create the Quick Play +D chart. This can be done on this website by clicking here [Quick Play Chart Creation]. This chart is where you (or the solitaire charts) call their Defensive plays. Instead of a D20 as in the Quick Play version, you either call the Defensive Play yourself or use the Solitaire charts to do that. The Standard Game will take an hour and 20 minutes for a CFL game and an extra 10 minutes for an NFL due to the extra number of scrimmage plays.
Advanced Options. This is a game which provides a variety of strategic play calling on offense and defense. Game time will be approximately two hours.

Offensive plays include;  Running In, Off Tackle, Stretch or Out, Passing Short, Intermediate, Medium, Long or Deep. You can also use Play Action, throw a Screen Pass, provide Extra Pass Blocking Protection for your QB, execute a Draw play, or run a Zone Read. Other options include going out of bounds or staying in bounds late in the half.

Defensive plays include; Basic Run, Basic Run Blitz, Basic Pass, Basic Pass Blitz, Run Defense, Aggressive Run Blitz, Pass Defense, Aggressive Pass Defense and Prevent. Other options include; Spying the QB, Double covering a receiver, or Keying on a RB.

The flow of each play sets up a great narrative for the table top gamer, plus 49F plays great whether you’re playing your favorite team / season from the past, or playing In-Season with the most current statistics. If you want accurate game play, a great feel and flow with results based on a players statistics, then Forty Nine Football is your game.

As part of owning 49F, you get an Excel spreadsheet for each team. This allows you to add some bling to your charts,  and to create and print your own Team Chart.
[click here to see the  Offensive Team Chart for the 2019 Winnipeg Blue Bombers]
[click here to see the 1979 LA Rams Kicking and Defensive Chart]

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